"Seeding grass roots democracy"

Parliamentary procedure. Rules of order.  Chairing meetings.

Do terms like these make you groan as you contemplate involvement with an organization?  You’re not alone. The process of making group decisions can be very frustrating and it is often the reason that some skilled and energetic people avoid involvement.democratic rules of order book jacket

Cool Heads Publishing is offering a solution: a small book titled Democratic Rules of Order.

Democratic Rules of Order provides a clear and common sense approach to the parliamentary standard without the confusion of jargon or unnecessary protocol.  It provides guidelines in every day language to ensure that meetings are held in an orderly fashion, protecting every member's right to equal participation.

Easy to learn

With only 27 pages of rules followed by 31 questions and answers and a sample meeting demonstrating these rules, this book can be read in less than an hour. It removes the intimidation factor. Democratic Rules of Order can be easily adopted as the official rules of order for almost any organization. It offers a simple way to implement a reliable and universal standard.

Be the change

Are you one of over 70% of people in North America that volunteer time to a charity or organization? Then you are making a difference. And these new straight-forward rules of order can re-vitalize your meetings.  Cool Heads Publishing believes that this grass roots approach to the democratic process will be able to transform meetings into productive and energizing experiences. 

Whether you are part of volunteer organization, a business looking to improve internal procedures, or an individual who wants to improve their understanding of the democratic process, this book will help. With serious global challenges affecting a world population of over 7 billion people, we urgently need to cooperate. We provide affordable access to our publication through our online store, and ship to virtually anywhere via Canada Post.  An ebook (PDF) is available for immediate access.

We sincerely hope that Democratic Rules of Order is a helpful addition to your organization. We would love to hear your meeting stories. Contact us. Get involved and help us to spread grass roots democracy!

Remember: “Cool heads prevail!”